Passionate of creating value!

Thank you for your interest in KEAS Logistics AB,a provider of Global transport solutions that offer the best products Worldwide.

As with any other company, the future depends entirely on sustaining passion for creating value together. A businessman or woman can see potential in every situation and we always keep our eyes open for every opportunity to serve you as client even better in the future.

We are strong in terms of both its financial key figures and its corporate culture, and we feel a real weight of responsibility for preserving these strengths.

Our goal as a Group is a turnover of 85MUSD and 5% operating margin by 2020 stands, as does our ambition of being actively involved in the continued development of superb products for the Keas Logistics industry by extensive investments in capacity and user friendly tools on our homepage.

To reach our goal, we need continued good volume growth, aggressive product and sales development, and the same willingness to roll up our sleeves and knuckle down to hard work. In this sense we are well served by our firmly founded culture with its focus on passion for productivity and creating value, we could not wish for a better starting point.

A big thank you, to all our clients, sub-contractors and all others that makes our days clear blue, despite the Scandinavian weather, thank you.

Best Regards
Larry Elton-CEO

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